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Warranty Information

We do not offer cash refunds or accept returns.

UPDATE: All dance pads built using sensor plates (our Omega 2X, 4X, 5X, 6X for instance) qualify for a 12 month warranty.

For a period of six months after the shipping date we will replace or repair your dance pad or control box free of charge, provided that there is no damage beyond general wear and you pay shipping expenses one way. We will pay up to $25.00 of the shipping charges necessary to return the fixed dance pad to you. If shipping costs needed to return your dance pad exceeds $25.00  you must pay the difference.  If there was damaged incurred during the shipping process please contact us immediately at and please provide images showing the damage to allow us to work through our shipping company to file a claim, your damaged products shall be replaced and you will not be responsible for any additional fees.