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Omega 4X
I've owned my pads for 3 months and have been playing fairly consistently, with the bar set-up. The ...
Feb 19, 2018
Omega 5X
It's been one month now since I own these pads and so far, they're keeping up like a champ. The only ...
Jan 4, 2018
Omega 4X
Higest Quality Aluminum Grade Roofing foil. 120% worth my $600 for two. They died after a whole week ...
Jan 2, 2018
Omega 4X
it might work okay for a few weeks, maybe even months, but it will undoubtedly stop working (in a wa ...
Dec 30, 2017
Omega 4X
Any company that deletes facebook reviews shouldn't exist.
Dec 30, 2017

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We have used our dance pads for the past 2 years and we love them. We originally bought them for nos ...
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Omega 5X Maximize

Omega 5X

The Ultimate 5-Arrow Dance Pad!!!  Order 2 or more to save, free ground shipping.

More details

  • PIUClassic
  • PIU AC
  • SimplyLove Cool (Buy 1-Cool 2-Both)
  • SimplyLove Warm
  • Neon 1
  • Neon 2
  • Custom (see More info)


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3.50/5 - 2 reviews

Product From (qty) Discount
Omega 5X 2 -$25.00

Comes with Rug Grip and your choice of Control Box.

Base is 1/2" MDF with applied non-slip surface.

For the CUSTOM skin option please e-mail us the completed skin to  Finished image needs to be 7000x7000 pixels at 200dpi for a good quality print.  Here is a template you can use for sensor placement in the pad although there is no obligation to have indication on the skin for the arrow placements as they are easy to feel without looking at the pad.

Omega dance pads feature our unique patent pending sensors which allow our dance pads to be:
Highly Accurate - No ghost steps, or pad misses, or lag at even the highest difficulty levels / speeds.
Maintenance Free - No adjustments ever, just turn it on and PLAY, gone are the headache inducing pads of yesteryear.
Ultra Sensitive - Only 3lbs of force or less to activate the sensors.  Makes it easy to press holds, to use hands, or even to allow the smallest Children to play.
Foot Friendly - Play in shoes, socks, barefoot there are absolutely no screws or sharp objects.
No Weight Limit - No weight limit at all, these sensors are not sensitive to weight.
Light Weight - 20lbs total weight making these pads easy to transport or move. Lighter than any other metal dance pad. For referrence DDRGame metal pads weigh roughly 30lbs, Cobalt Flux basic pads weigh roughly 50lbs, Blue Shark pads weigh 80lbs, arcade dance pads weigh roughly 250lbs each.
Easy to Store - Only 35" x 35" x 5/8".
Designed for Arcade Accurate DOUBLES Play - Simply place two pads side by side, the distance between both pads is the same as the distance between most arcade machine dance pads.
And More - Quieter than any other dance pad, no dead spaces in the sensor (super easy to hit two arrows with one foot), full sized sensors which match PIU arcade arrow panel sizes.

  • Height 35 inches
  • Width 35 inches
  • Depth 1/2 inch
  • Weight 25 lbs

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Omega 5X

Omega 5X

The Ultimate 5-Arrow Dance Pad!!!  Order 2 or more to save, free ground shipping.

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Reviews (2)

P Bryan


Jan 4, 2018
Quit The Gym For This
It's been one month now since I own these pads and so far, they're keeping up like a champ. The only way for me to play Pump It Up was to drive to Dave n Buster, which was located in downtown. Didn't wanna pay $10 for parking and who knows how much they actually charge to play the game. Did a lot of my research for PIU dance pad. I notice this company had been making custom dance pads for a long time now and after I saw the special xmas sale, I couldn't let the opportunity pass up. Purchased two dance pads and by the time it arrives on my doorstep, I immediately started to play the game and I been playing for about a month straight now. About to purchase two bars later on so i can start practicing on higher difficulty songs. Plus once I'm better, going to go drive to Dave n buster and break all the record that's on that machine.

Why I purchase these pads? I have been playing PIU since the age of 5 and I still remember the first PIU game that made it to the arcade. I'm 23 years old now and yes, I still play DDR and PIU. Believe it or not, I even cancel my gym membership for this. Each day I play for about 2-3 hours and at the end, i burn from 600-800 calories (Yes, I write down all the calories I burned per song and add up the sum). Also, with practicing at home, it trains my body ready for the next competition available at Dave n Buster.

Any issue with these pads? Nope. Just don't play on carpet. If you do play on carpet, put a yoga mat or something underneath it.
W Joseph


Nov 28, 2017
Good pad, but wears out after a while.
Just for reference, I've been playing dance games (DDR and Pump) for over 10 years now.

When I bought this pad, it worked wonderfully. It was amazing. Best home pad I had ever used. Then the up-left and up-right arrows started having issues, but that was quickly solved by removing the cardboard sensor plates inside them.

The pad worked perfectly fine for about 6 months before it began to have issues with the center step double-stepping and ghost stepping, and the down-left and down-right occasionally doing the same. I tried removing the sensor plates, but that only served as a temporary solution; the problem would return after a week or two.

As it is right now, all of the diagonals work fine, but the center double-steps so much that the pad is practically unusable. I've tried everything, from removing the sensor plate, to replacing the mounting tape on it, everything...nothing works, it continues to double step like crazy.

Contacting the owners was fruitless. I explained the situation, and they just suggested replacing the sensor plates. I explained that even *without* the sensor plates, the problem persisted, and then was asked if I was playing on carpet. I answered no, response, since then. Very unhelpful customer service.

So really, it's a nice pad, but don't expect it to work for more than a year or so. From what I've heard talking to other PDP dance pad owners, this is a persistent issue with PDP, that the pads wear down over time and cannot be fixed. So yes, I suppose PDP's claims of the pads being "maintenance free" is true....because any kind of maintenance doesn't work and you will be forced to ship the pad back to them to be "fixed" or replaced.

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