<![CDATA[Precision Dance Pads]]> https://www.precisiondancepads.com/feeds/ Precision Dance Pads Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:36:32 -0500 http://backend.userland.com/rss092 en <![CDATA[Good pad, but wears out after a while.]]> Just for reference, I've been playing dance games (DDR and Pump) for over 10 years now. When I bought this pad, it worked wonderfully. It was amazing. Best home pad I had ever used. Then the up-left and up-right arrows started having issues, but that was quickly solved by removing the cardboard sensor plates inside them. The pad worked perfectly fine for about 6 months before it began to have issues with the center step double-stepping and ghost stepping, and the down-left and down-right occasionally doing the same. I tried removing the sensor plates, but that only served as a temporary solution; the problem would return after a week or two. As it is right now, all of the diagonals work fine, but the center double-steps so much that the pad is practically unusable. I've tried everything, from removing the sensor plate, to replacing the mounting tape on it, everything...nothing works, it continues to double step like crazy. Contacting the owners was fruitless. I explained the situation, and they just suggested replacing the sensor plates. I explained that even *without* the sensor plates, the problem persisted, and then was asked if I was playing on carpet. I answered no, and.....no response, since then. Very unhelpful customer service. So really, it's a nice pad, but don't expect it to work for more than a year or so. From what I've heard talking to other PDP dance pad owners, this is a persistent issue with PDP, that the pads wear down over time and cannot be fixed. So yes, I suppose PDP's claims of the pads being "maintenance free" is true....because any kind of maintenance doesn't work and you will be forced to ship the pad back to them to be "fixed" or replaced.]]> http://www.precisiondancepads.com/en/dance-pads/11-omega-px.html <![CDATA[Late, broken, no response]]> Quoted 6 weeks before it'd ship Took 4 MONTHS to arrive Arrived with damaged corners and a malfunctioning right arrow Contacted customer service, they responded immediately telling me to fix it. I asked how and they didn't respond for another 3 MONTHS!!! That was after I filed for a disputed charge and got most of my money refunded This is a garbage company run by garbage people]]> http://www.precisiondancepads.com/en/dance-pads/16-omega-tx.html